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Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility

is located in Shanghai, China

SSRF website

Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility, SSRF, is a third-generation of synchrotron radiation light source, and would be the invaluable tools for Chinese scientific research and industry community. Up to now, SSRF is the biggest scientific platform for science research and technology development in China, and more than hundreds of scientists and engineers from universities, institutes and industries in domestic and even overseas can do research, experiments and R&D by using SSRF each day.


Beamlines (xtal) Owner/Operator StatusExperimentsWavelength (Å)
BL17U1 SSRF DecommissionedMAD0.689 - 2.48
BL19U1 SSRF OperationalMONOCHROMATICinfo not available
BL10U2 SSRF CommissioningMAD, SAD, MONOCHROMATIC0.689 - 1.77
BL02U1 SSRF OperationalMAD, SAD, MONOCHROMATIC0.77 - 2.0
BL17UM SSRF & Shanghai Tech. OperationalMAD, SAD, MONOCHROMATIC, SOLUTION STUDIES0.496 - 2.48
BL17B1 NCPS &SSRF OperationalMAD, SAD, MONOCHROMATIC0.62 - 2.48
BL18U1 NCPS &SSRF OperationalMAD, SAD, MONOCHROMATIC0.689 - 2.48

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