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National Synchroton Radiation Research Center

is located in Taipei, Taiwan

NSRRC website

The light source at NSRRC was designed and constructed domestically and became operational in October of 1993. In April 1994, its beamlines were opened for service to researchers in diverse basic and applied fields. In recent years, many new research instruments have been added to the light source, turning the center into a world-class facility with state-of-the-art research capabilities in the vacuum-ultraviolet and soft X-ray energy regions. In 1998 two additional hard X-ray beamlines were constructed at the SPring-8 light source in Japan to provide researchers from Taiwan access to hard X-rays. NSRRC is operating its facility in top-up mode since October 2005, the first third-generation synchrotron facility to complete the transformation from decay mode operation.


Beamlines (xtal) StatusExperimentsWavelength (Å)
BL13B1 OperationalMAD0.69 - 1.77
BL13C1 OperationalMONOCHROMATICFixed: 0.975
BL17B2 DecommissionedMAD0.88 - 1.91
BL15A OperationalMAD0.8 - 2.2
TPS 05A OperationalMAD0.62 - 2.26
TPS 07A OperationalMAD0.62 - 2.06

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