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SSRL - BL14-3

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Beamline Name BL14-3
Primary Contact: NameSam Webb
Secondary Contact: NameCourtney Roach
Status DetailsOpen
%Time Available (general use)100
Experiments DetailsBL14-3 is a bending magnet side station for X-ray imaging and micro X-ray absorption spectroscopy of biological, material, and geological samples. Most often used for data collection at the sulfur K edge, BL14-3 is also capable of obtaining spectroscopy data at the phosphorous K edge. During imaging mode a Kirkpatrick-Baez (KB) mirrors system is used to achieve microfocus with a beam size of ~ 5 x 5 microns. BL14-3 is equipped with a Vortex silicon drift detector and ionization chambers for imaging. Sample positions are controlled with submicron accuracy by a Newport sample stage, inside a helium environment. BL14-3 is ideal for obtaining elemental maps of small samples (~ 20 microns to 25 mm) as well as performing spectroscopy on selected points in the sample (~5 x 5 microns). Bulk XAS can be performed on a separate in-hutch table using the upstream optics in focused or defocused configurations. Bulk XAS experiments employ either a 4-element Vortex detector or a large-area Canberra PIPS detector. A motorized multi-sample holder is available to allow queued data collection.
Special CapabilitiesAbsorption Edges, Microfocus XAS Imaging
Spot Size (mm): Height0.005
Spot Size (mm): Width0.005
MonochromatorWater cooled, double crystal, non-fixed exit slit
Crystal TypeSi(111), phi=0 and 90
MirrorsFlat, bent, vertically collimating, 1 m, Si, Ni-coated, M1 mirror: Bent, toroidal, 1.2 m, Ni-coated Kirkpatrick-Baez system (microfocus)
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)2 x 10^10
Flux Details
Wavelength Range (Å)info not available
Energy Range (keV)2.1 - 5
Sample Handling: RoboticsOther
Robotics: More InfoNewport Micro sample positioner, 4-slot and 8-slot motorized sample holder for bulk spectroscopy
Detector: TypeOther
Detector: Model
Detector: DetailsIonization chambers, Vortex detector, 4-element Vortex detector, CCD detector, large-area PIPS
Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo CapabilityCryo Industries Cryocool-LHe
Cryo Capability Details20-200 K
Lab FacilitiesSample preparation laboratory, cold room, glove boxes, microscopes
Software: NameMicroscan GUI, MicroXAS, SMAK (Microtoolkit), ICS, XAS-Collect
Software: ClassificationControl/data collection, Processing, Analysis