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SRS - PX14.1

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Beamline Name PX14.1
Owner/OperatorCCLRC Daresbury Laboratory
Special Capabilitiescan be used for powder and fibre studies
Source DetailsShut down September 2007
Spot Size (mm): Height0.2
Spot Size (mm): Width0.2
Monochromatorone of two asymmetric crystals optimized for 1.488 and 0.98A
Crystal TypeSi (111)
MirrorsVertically focusing 1.2 m long Si substrate, Rh coated, water cooled
Flux Details
Wavelength Range (Å)Fixed: 0.977 or 1.488
Energy Range (keV)Fixed: 8.32 or 12.7
Goniometersingle axis phi0 rotation camera
Detector: TypeCCD
Detector: ModelADSC Quantum 4
Detector: Activated for Service2000-01-01
Detector: Removed from Service2008-05-31
Cryo CapabilityOxford cryosystems 700 series cryostream
Lab Facilitiesstructural biology lab - www.srs.dl.ac.uk/sbl
Software: NameDPS/Mosflm/CCP4, Denzo, Mosflm, d*trek, Adxv image viewing
Software: Classification
HardwareDECalphas, linux and windows PCs
Backup Servicestapes (DAT and Exabyte), ftp