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Beamline Name BL45XU
Primary Contact: NameTakaaki HIKIMA
Owner/OperatorRIKEN Harima Institute
%Time Available (general use)20
ExperimentsMAD, SAXS
Experiments Detailssmall-angle x-ray scattering (SAXS) and protein crystallography (PX). Both experiments can be independently carried out. Only SAXS station is opening for the public use
Special CapabilitiesHigh pressure
Special Capabilities DetailsSAXS-station; High-resolution small-angle scattering camera, Stopped-flow mixer, Temperature jump cell, High-pressure cell for protein solutions.
Source Typeinsertion device
Source Detailsin vacuum undulator
Spot Size (mm): Height0.4 mm (horizontal)
Spot Size (mm): Width0.2 mm (vertical) (SAXS), 0.3 mm (horizontal) x 0.2 mm (vertical) (PX)
MonochromatorDouble-crystal monochromator (synthetic diamond (111) in Laue-Bragg geometry)
MirrorsK-B mirrors (vertical and horizontal)
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)3 x 10^^11 photons/sec (SAXS), 2 x 10^11 photons/sec (PX)
Flux Details
Wavelength Range (Å)0.886 - 1.653
Energy Range (keV)7.5 - 14.0
GoniometerTwo individual single rotation axis (horizontal and vertical) goniometers are available
1. Detector: TypeIMAGE PLATE
1. Detector: ModelRIGAKU R-AXIS V
1. Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
1. Detector: Removed from Service
2. Detector: TypeCCD
2. Detector: ModelRIGAKU JUPITER 210
2. Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
2. Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo Capabilitycryostream coolers -nitrogen gas
Lab FacilitiesBiology and chemistry preparation laboratories, cold room