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Beamline Name X4C
Primary Contact: NameRandy Abramowitz
Secondary Contact: NameJohn Schwanof
Owner/OperatorNew York Structural Biology Center
StatusThis beamline was shut down September 30, 2014
Status DetailsThis beamline was shut down on September 30, 2014
%Time Available (general use)25
ExperimentsMAD, SAD
Source Typebending magnet
Spot Size (mm): Height0.3
Spot Size (mm): Width0.3
MonochromatorBent single crystal monochromator
Crystal TypeSi (111)
Mirrorsvertical focusing mirror
Flux DetailsNot measured
Wavelength Range (Å)info not available
Energy Range (keV)7 - 50 eV about the Se edge (12,658 eV).
GoniometerMAResearch Diffractometer.
Sample Handling: Manualadaptors are available for variable pin lengths from 16 to 22 mm.
Sample Handling: Robotics(CSC) MAR Cryogenic Sample Changer
Robotics: More Infotwo carousels, each hold 19 crystals. 18 mm standard pin lenght
1. Detector: Typeimage plate
1. Detector: ModelMAR scanner 345 mm
1. Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
1. Detector: Removed from Service
2. Detector: TypeCCD
2. Detector: ModelMAR 165 mm
2. Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
2. Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo CapabilityOxford Cryostream, temperature typically maintained at 100K.
Lab FacilitiesBiochemical lab with cold room
Software: NameCustom pXSCAN motion control software coupled with the Mar345 data collection software.
Software: Classification
HardwareA dual Xeon workstation running Red Hat 9 Linux runs the Mar345 program. An AMD Athalon XP3000 running Windows 2000 runs the pXSCAN software. A Pentium 4 Windows XP machine is used for backup.
Backup ServicesDual Layer 16x DVD backup as well as backup to external USB 2.0 and Firewire hard drives.