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Beamline Name I24
Primary Contact: NameGwyndaf Evans
Secondary Contact: NameRobin Owen
Owner/OperatorDiamond Light Source, Harwell Science and Innovation Campus, Oxfordshire, UK
%Time Available (general use)Available to academic and industrial users
Special CapabilitiesHigh Throughput, Micro-diffraction, Microfocus
Special Capabilities DetailsMicrofocus medium energy for use on small crystals and for screening. Flexible beam size focusing at sample.
Source Details2m long 21mm period undulator operating at 5mm minimum gap
Spot Size (mm): Height0.08
Spot Size (mm): Width0.08
MonochromatorACCEL Fixed exit Double Crystal
Optics DetailsOxford Danfysik/SESO Two stage demagnification using two K-B pairs of bimorph type mirrors
Crystal TypeSi(111)
Mirrorsmirror pair for horizontal and vertical focussing
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)1 x 10^12
Flux Details
Wavelength Range (Å)0.689 - 1.77
Energy Range (keV)6.5 - 18
GoniometerPrecision xyz stage
Goniometer DetailsAerotech ABRS-250MP rotation stage and Attocube positioning stage
Sample Handling: ManualMulti-click centering
Sample Handling: Robotics(CATS) Cryogenic Auto Transfer System
Robotics: More Infouni-puck system with SPINE pins, dewar holds 144 pins in nine unipucks
1. Detector: TypePIXEL
1. Detector: ModelDECTRIS PILATUS 6M
1. Detector: Activated for Service2009-10-01
1. Detector: Removed from Service
2. Detector: TypeCCD
2. Detector: ModelRAYONIX MX-300
2. Detector: Activated for Service2008-07-31
2. Detector: Removed from Service
3. Detector: TypeFLUORESCENCE
3. Detector: ModelVortex
3. Detector: Detailsavailable to users
3. Detector: Activated for Service2009-09-01
3. Detector: Removed from Service
4. Detector: TypePIXEL
4. Detector: ModelDECTRIS PILATUS 6M
4. Detector: DetailsPilatus3 100Hz
4. Detector: Activated for Service2013-04-29
4. Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo CapabilityN2 cryojet
Cryo Capability Detailscurrent system tested at 100 k. He sample cooling expected in 2010.
Lab FacilitiesNORMAL
1. Software: NameGDA
1. Software: ClassificationControl/collection
2. Software: NameHKL2000, Mosflm, XDS, CCP4
2. Software: ClassificationProcessing
3. Software: NameSHARP/autoSHARP
3. Software: ClassificationPhasing/refinement
4. Software: NameCoot
4. Software: ClassificationModeling/graphics