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ALS - 8.3.1

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Beamline Name 8.3.1
Primary Contact: NameJames Holton
Secondary Contact: NameGeorge Meigs
Owner/OperatorUniversity of California San Francisco/Relay Therapeutics
%Time Available (general use)25
Experiments Details"true MAD" : inverse beam and round-robin wavelength changes every image
Special Capabilitiesin-situ tray screening: all SBS formats supported
Special Capabilities Detailsarrange in advance
Servicesunattended data collection
Services Detailsall pin types supported
Source DetailsSuperbend (5.0 tesla, single dipole)
Spot Size (mm): Height0.080
Spot Size (mm): Width0.060
MonochromatorKHOZU Double flat crystal
Optics Detailswater cooled
Crystal TypeSi(111)
MirrorsPt and Rh-coated Si; M1: plane parabola M2: torroid (2:1 demagnification)
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)1.0 x 10^12
Flux DetailsMeasured @ 3x0.35 milliradian divergence at 11111 eV with ALS at 500 mA and 1.9 GeV.
Wavelength Range (Å)0.73 - 2.5
Energy Range (keV)5. - 18
GoniometerHuber XYZ Stage ; 1.1 micron rms sphere of confusion
Goniometer DetailsAir bearing for fast inverse beam measurements; motorized collimators: 100, 75 50, 30 20 microns diameter
Sample Handling: ManualAll pin types supported: lengths 9 mm to 30 mm
Sample Handling: RoboticsCool Hand Luke
Robotics: More InfoRobot accepts all major pin types (Hampton, Yale, SPINE, etc.) and lengths (10-24 mm) and supports "delayed data collection mode" where data collection runs are deferred to the end of the shift. This robot does not work directly with cassettes because hand-mounting of samples in the mini-hutch is faster than any robot.
1. Detector: TypePIXEL
1. Detector: ModelDECTRIS PILATUS 6M
1. Detector: DetailsPilatus3 S, 100Hz, S/N 60-0134
1. Detector: Activated for Service2016-05-17
1. Detector: Removed from Service
2. Detector: TypeCCD
2. Detector: ModelBRUKER PROTELUM 300
2. Detector: DetailsSN: 1
2. Detector: Activated for Service2001-07-05
2. Detector: Removed from Service2001-08-05
2. Removed from Service: Detailsdetector moved to ALS 12.3.1
3. Detector: TypeCCD
3. Detector: ModelADSC Quantum 210
3. Detector: DetailsSN: 442
3. Detector: Activated for Service2001-08-09
3. Detector: Removed from Service2002-10-24
3. Removed from Service: Detailsdetector moved to ALS 12.3.1
4. Detector: TypeCCD
4. Detector: ModelADSC Quantum 315
4. Detector: DetailsSN: 907
4. Detector: Activated for Service2002-12-06
4. Detector: Removed from Service2003-08-10
4. Removed from Service: Detailsdetector moved to ALS 12.3.1
5. Detector: TypeCCD
5. Detector: ModelADSC Quantum 210
5. Detector: DetailsSN: 442
5. Detector: Activated for Service2003-08-12
5. Detector: Removed from Service2007-05-13
6. Detector: TypeCCD
6. Detector: ModelADSC Quantum 315r
6. Detector: DetailsSN: 926
6. Detector: Activated for Service2007-06-20
6. Detector: Removed from Service2016-05-17
Cryo CapabilityOxford Cryojet ~100K, coaxial
Cryo Capability Detailsuser-controllable temperature up to 45C
Lab FacilitiesBiochemical lab with all equipment necessary for structural studies. Cold room available. Reserve in advance.
Software: NameCCP4, Mosflm, ELVES, XDS, DIALS
Software: Classification
Hardwaresingle server: 224 CPU, 3 TB RAM, 180 TB disk, 70s to process 3600 images
Backup ServicesFirewire/USB3 drives, automated DVD or Blu-Ray
Serial Crystallography Collimation/Focusing Opticsparabola/torroid
Beam Focal Spot Size at Sample (µm^2)60 x 80 (h x v)
Serial Crystallography Detailsuser-provided LCP jet collection supported
Fixed Sample Target Detailsall SBS trays supported
Fixed Sample Motion Control Devicein-house "tray goniometer"
Sample Dehydration Prevention MethodMiTeGen Watershed