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Beamline Name BL26B1
Primary Contact: NameGo Ueno
Owner/OperatorRIKEN Harima Institute
Source Typebending magnet
MonochromatorFixed exit Si double crystal monochromator
Crystal TypeSi (111)
Mirrorsvertically bent two dimensional focusing mirror coated in Rhodium
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)1 x 10^11
Flux Detailsat 12 keV monochromatic
Wavelength Range (Å)0.729 - 2.066
Energy Range (keV)6 - 17
Goniometermicro kappa
Sample Handling: Robotics(SPACE) Spring-8 Precise Automatic Cryo-Sample Exchanger
1. Detector: TypeCCD
1. Detector: ModelRIGAKU JUPITER 210
1. Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
1. Detector: Removed from Service
2. Detector: TypeIMAGE PLATE
2. Detector: ModelRIGAKU R-AXIS V
2. Detector: Activated for Serviceinfo currently not available
2. Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo CapabilityContinuous cold stream of nitrogen generated from atmosphere. The temperature range is 90 to 300K.
Lab FacilitiesBiology and chemistry preparation laboratories
Software: NameCrystalClear (RIGAKU/MSC), HKL2000 (HKL Research, Inc.)
Software: Classification