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SSRL - BL11-3

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Beamline Name BL11-3
Status DetailsThis is now a materials science beamline
%Time Available (general use)10%
ServicesNot Applicable
Spot Size (mm): Height3.1
Spot Size (mm): Width0.15
MonochromatorSide scattering bent cube-root I-beam single crystal; asymmetric cut 6.86 deg.
Crystal TypeSi(311)
MirrorsRh coated focusing mirror
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)5 x 10^10
Flux DetailsFlux measured through a 0.2 x 0.2 mm2 aperture at 12734 eV and 89 mA.
Wavelength Range (Å)0.97 - 0.98
Energy Range (keV)12.65 - 12.78
GoniometerHuber Kappa-geometry goniometer
Sample Handling: Robotics(SAM) Stanford Automated Mounting System
Cryo CapabilityOxford Cryojet
Lab FacilitiesChemical lab with cold room
HardwareSee: http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/facilities/computing/
Backup ServicesSee: http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/facilities/computing/backup.html