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APS - 31-ID

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Beamline Name 31-ID
Primary Contact: NameJordi Benach
Secondary Contact: NameLaura Morisco
Owner/OperatorLRL-CAT, Eli Lilly & Company
%Time Available (general use)25
Special CapabilitiesHigh Throughput
Special Capabilities Detailsautomated loop/X-ray centering, processing, data transfer, unscheduled, 18-32 data turnaround
Services DetailsAutomatic loop centering and screening/scoring, data collection, automatic data processing and data transfer, very fast (24-32 h) crystal shipment to user receiving data turnaround
Source DetailsAPS Undulator A 3.3 cm period
Spot Size (mm): Height0.04
Spot Size (mm): Width0.130
MonochromatorKohzu HLD-15 Double Crystal cryocooled
Optics DetailsKB mirrors, fixed focus
Crystal TypeSi (111)
MirrorsThree coating stripes: Rh, Pt, ULE
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)5.6 x 10^12
Flux DetailsAt sample position: (Se K edge, 1st harmonic of undulator, 102 mA current SR) measured with calibrated diode
Wavelength Range (Å)0.56 - 2.47
Energy Range (keV) 5 - 22
GoniometerAerotech/Micronix/Keyence OAV, Aerotech air-bearing single horizontal rotation axis
Sample Handling: Manualavailable
Sample Handling: RoboticsISARA (IRELEC)
Robotics: More Info464 LN2 samples, 96 RT samples crystal capacity, SPINE bases (Molec. Dim.), UniPucks, Hampton Research pins/nylon loops
Detector: TypePIXEL
Detector: ModelPILATUS3 S 6M
Detector: DetailsSample-to-detector distance: 190 - 1200 mm, 2 ms readout, 25 Hz max frame rate, 20 bit dynamic range
Detector: Activated for Service2018-10-02
Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo CapabilityOxford Cryostream - 700 series
Cryo Capability Details100 K
Lab FacilitiesNORMAL
1. Software: NameSPEC, EPICS, Aerotech, Python, Oracle, EPICS
1. Software: ClassificationControl/collection
2. Software: NameautoPROC (XDS, aimless), MOSFLM, CCP4, DIALS, d*TREK
2. Software: ClassificationProcessing
3. Software: NameSHELX, CCP4
3. Software: ClassificationPhasing/refinement
4. Software: NameCOOT
4. Software: ClassificationModeling/graphics
HardwareVenturi (crystal temperature stabilization), Norhof (sample ice removal)
Backup Services40 TB NAS, Avamar (daily backup), 208 TB Isilon (archive)
Beam Focal Spot Size at Sample (µm^2)130x40