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Beamline Name X06DA
Primary Contact: NameVincent Olieric
Secondary Contact: NameJustyna Wojdyla
Owner/OperatorPaul Scherrer Institut
%Time Available (general use)70
Special CapabilitiesMulti-axis goniometry (PRIGo)
Special Capabilities DetailsAutomated in-situ diffraction screening with various SBS crystallization plates format
ServicesOn-site crystallization
Source Typebending magnet
Source Details2.9T superbend magnet.
Spot Size (mm): Height0.09
Spot Size (mm): Width0.07
MonochromatorBartels Monochromator
Crystal TypeSi (111)
Mirrorstoroidal focusing
Flux(PHOTONS/SEC)4 x 10^11
Flux Detailsat 400 mA
Wavelength Range (Å)0.71 - 2.07
Energy Range (keV)6 - 17.5
GoniometerMulti-axis goniometer
Goniometer DetailsPRIGo
Sample Handling: Manualpin length = 10 - 30 mm
Sample Handling: Robotics(CATS) Cryogenic Auto Transfer System
Robotics: More InfoThe same sample changer IRELEC CATS is also used for in-situ crystallization plate screening. This offers opportunity to check diffraction quality while crystals are still in crystallization plate.
1. Detector: TypeCCD
1. Detector: ModelMARMOSAIC 225
1. Detector: Activated for Service2007-11-06
1. Detector: Removed from Service2011-10-31
1. Removed from Service: Detailsreplaced by a PILATUS 2M-F
2. Detector: TypePIXEL
2. Detector: ModelDECTRIS PILATUS 2M-F
2. Detector: Activated for Service2011-11-16
2. Detector: Removed from Service
Cryo CapabilityOxford cryojet
Cryo Capability Detailsfast cooling (5 min)